Who, What, When, Where,Why, and How Much for Hostelling?

When you are hostelling many questions will pop up before and during your trip.Will the hostel be safe for women? How do I reach the hostel? Where can I go hostelling? How much will I pay for a hostel? We have tried to help you out and written the in's and out's on hostelling!


What is a hostel?

A hostel is just like a hotel a place where you can stay for the night (s). The difference is that you share your room with other people, wherefore you can sleep for cheap! In most cases you share your room with other people, depending on the size of the room with how many, some hostels also offer private rooms.

What types of rooms does a hostel offer?

Dorm : this is a shared room for females or males or mixed dorms.

Private rooms : this room is just for the person/s you have booked the room with, mostly a 2 persons room on request a third bed can be added.

Single room : this room is a private room just for one person.

En suite room : this means that you have a private bathroom in your room.

Twin room : is a room for two people with two separate beds.

Double room : is a room for two people with a double bed.

Camping : remember when you go camping to bring your own tent!

What type of hostels are there?

Hostels are not always in a building, there are also hostel ships! Also hostels can be divided in types: like party hostels, traditional family hostels etc

What 10 things should you bring when staying in a hostel?

1. Pillow case

2. Flip flops for in the shower

3. Sleeping bag or sheets

4. Towels

5. Soap

6. Locker to close your backpack

7. Money belt, to put under your cushion while sleeping

8. Alarm clock

9. Flash light

10. Last but especially not least: good backpacking vibes!

What type of facilities does a hostel offer?

Bathroom : you share your bathroom with your room-mates, sometimes the bathroom is in the room otherwise in the hallway.

Linen : in most hostels you have to bring your own towels and bed linen (check de descriptions per hostel)

Kitchen : most hostels have a public kitchen (with equipment) where you can make your own diner.

Internet/TV : depends per hostel (most hostels offer internet facilities/ wireless) check the descriptions on the hostel. (make sure to bring your own laptop)

Breakfast : this differs per hostel, some hostels offer a free breakfast or charge a small price, some don't offer breakfast. (check the descriptions of the hostel)

What does lock out mean?

Some hostels have lock outs in the night, or during cleaning hours this means that you cannot get in the hostel. (check the descriptions of the hostel)


Who can go to hostels?

Generally you can find a hostel for each person: groups, children, youngsters, business guys etc. Most hostels don't have age restrictions, but some hostels are truly party hostels and only except people between 18 and 35 years old. Check the descriptions on the hostel on line, when you are travelling in a group, with children, animals or in need of wheelchair facilities.

Is a hostel safe for women?

Yes a hostel is a safe accommodation for females, most hostels have separate male and female rooms to avoid troubles, you can have the possibility to book a mixed dorm. The bigger hostels also have camera's and night personnel.

Will bedbugs also be hostelling with us?

Bed bugs are a problem that appear in any type of residence : homes, apartments, hotels, hostels etc. They are small wingless insects that feed themselves of blood from warm blooded species. They nestle in your luggage and you take them with you on your trip. Check the beds in the hostel before you go to sleep and bring your own sheets to be sure!

Check bedbugs for further info.


Where can you find hostels?

Hostelsclub.com offers hostels all over the world, in every continent there are hostels. You go to the Hostelsclub.com search page: enter the country and city you want to go to and a whole list with available places will show up.

Top 10 hostel destinations?

1. Paris

2. London

3. Venice

4. Barcelona

5. Rome

6. Amsterdam

7. Milan

8. New York

9. Berlin

10. Florence


How do you reach the hostel?

When you book a hostel, you get a confirmation email print this out as you can read the directions to the hostel in this email.

How do you book a hostel?

You search on the Hostelsclub.com website, you enter the country and city where you want to go to and a list with available hostels or cheap hotels will appear. Click book when you like the hostel and want to book this.

How much do you pay for a hostel?

The price you pay per hostel depends on the country and city that you are going to, Europe is more expensive then for instance South America. We can averagely say that you will pay 20 Euro per night in a hostel in Europe. But again depending on the country and city.

How many hostels are there?

There are around 20.000 hostels. Hostelsclub.com offers around 12.000 available hostels.

How do you see the facilities of the hostels?

When you search for a hostel in our database, you click on read more on the hostel. On the bottom of the page you will see small pictures, these indicate facilities.

How Long can you stay in a hostel?

Generally people tend to stay in a hostel for a short period, as they are mostly backpackers and hoping from one place to the other. But you can also stay in a hostel for a longer period, some hostels have restrictions on a maximum amount of days you can stay in the hostel. Check the descriptions on the hostel!


When is the best time to go hostelling?

The best time to go hostelling depends on your destination and interest. When you want to enjoy the summer in a hostel in Brazil you should go there in December. If you want to stay in a hostel in Switzerland and go skiing you should go in the winter months. You can go and stay in a hostel whenever you want, throughout the whole year you can find a hostel in every continent of the world. During the summer months, most travellers use hostels. So make sure that you book your hostel in advance!

When do I know if a hostel is good?

Each hostel on our website has been rates by previous travellers, when you search for a hostel and read the descriptions you will see smiley/sad faces on the bottom of the page. Different faces are shown for the cleanness, personnel, location, entertainment and personality of the hostels.


Pro's of hostelling

Meet the coolest craziest people ->Sleep for cheap ->Good place to sleep when you are seeing your favourite city. ->Kitchen where you can cook, healthy food ->Much more fun than 5 star hotels ->You can share stories with other travellers ->A nice girl/boy towel might fall off while walking off the shower ->You may be in the same room with the hottest girl/guy ever ->During a week in a hostel you may have more sex than you had for your last 4 years of your life ->If the hostel is B O R I N G you can play hide and seek without making up excuses. ->It's always fun to meet new people and study their strange habits. 'I never go to bed without Winnie de pooh' or 'I always sleep with one foot out of the blankets. Sorry about the smell' ->You will double your friends on Face book in only 3 days! ->You are travelling with your parents but they are not allowed in this hostel! Yuhuu!, party time! ->You may discover your inner talent: you are a beer pong pro!

Con's of hostelling

->No Valet parking? Then who was that guy who took my car keys.... ->No room service ->No cleaning lady, who comes and makes your bed each day ->Maybe your stuck in a room with some snorer zzzzz ->No towels and soap ->The hottest girl/guy ever is in the same room with you and the horniest boyfriend/girlfriend ever ->Your bed bugs may become your hostel’s best friends ->Your room mate has been travelling for 3 months with the same sneakers ->Instead of the apple you left in the fridge you find some dirty socks ->You may leave the hostel and don’t remember a single night there because of too much alcohol ->You have so much fun in the hostel you don’t even go out to visit one of the greatest places in the world ->Your next destination after staying in the hostel is straight to rehab ->If it's about to be your lucky night, it’s difficult to find some privacy! ->When the adventure becomes a non-stop nightmare - the closet won't open, there are some weird bugs around and the receptionist adds an extra zero on your bill; ->The smell and way-too-strange habits of your room mate who make you feel sick when you think you guys share the same space. ->The description said 'in the heart of the city' - yeah right, by UFO or space shuttle.


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