FAQ's - What is is a booking network serving online reservations to thousands of establishments worldwide, guaranteeing millions of travellers a confirmed online reservation and saving establishments time and effort. We offer a wide range of accommodation choices from Hostels, Apartments and B&B's [...] read more FAQ's - How to book on How do I book online? All availability and prices are listed online at Reservations can only be made online, and contact details for the hostels are available after you have made a reservation. There are 4 easy steps to make a reservation online: 1. Search - Search for a [...] read more FAQ's - Questions about my booking I have lost or not received my confirmation email, what can I do? You will need to access your My Club account through our homepage to view and print the details of your reservation. If you do not have your password, which is provided on your first confirmation email, please use the 'Forgot your [...] read more FAQ's - Questions about hostelling What kind of facilities are available in hostels? Most (but not all) establishments will offer a number of facilities such as laundry room, telephone, internet connection, lockers for your things, and a breakfast service. Some may offer more than others. Every establishment on our site has an [...] read more Who, What, When, Where,Why, and How Much for Hostelling? When you are hostelling many questions will pop up before and during your trip.Will the hostel be safe for women? How do I reach the hostel? Where can I go hostelling? How much will I pay for a hostel? We have tried to help you out and written the in's and out's on hostelling! WHAT? What is a [...] read more Why you should have a Membership Card When surfing on you might came across the 'Membership Card'. If you're wondering what it is, well, the following article is right for you!: We are pleased to present the Membership Card and explain you which are the benefits: 1 – you get exclusive discounts up to [...] read more
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